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Version 6.1.4

( This is an example of a typical Sunday gathering for me. )

It's About Family and Tradition

fafaFoodies! is for those that grew up in the kitchen. Side by side with your mom or grandmother learning the finer arts of traditional family cooking.

A site for those whose gathering place is not the living room in front of the television, but around the kitchen table. If you are like me, when company comes over you are pulling out half of your refrigerator feeding your guests.

If this sounds familiar... or even if you are someone who likes to try new things, fafaFoodies! is a place for you. A community of people that have cooking and hospitality in their blood.

We hope you enjoy our personal contributions and share some of your family favorites.

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What's new @ fafaFoodies!?

We've Been Remodeled!!!

It might be easier to say what isn't new @ fafaFoodies!?

  • We have been totally rebuilt from the ground up! ( I know, it's about time right? )
  • We've changed from an all access site to a members only site. ( Why? )
  • New design and layout
  • Chef Dollars - Earn points with every new recipe added.
  • New Chef Area/Recipe Box.
  • Better recipe printing format.
  • More to come!!!

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It's More than Recipes!

It's about community. We have a lot of plans for the near future now that the old technology has been replaced. Growing beyond a recipe sharing web site into a full blown interactive community for anyone with a passion for cooking, eating and playing host/hostess.

Check out our new "Chef Dollars". Your site activity will earn chef dollars that can be used for prestige and prizes. You earn 5 chef dollars for every recipe you share with the community. As the site grows, so will the opportunity to earn more chef dollars.

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Top News @ fafaFoodies!

Going, Going, GONE!

Going, Going, GONE!

Some things just don't belong together.... well, at least in some cases. In this case, a feature that most recipe sites..... ( Full Story )

The New Site is LIVE!

The New Site is LIVE!

Here it is.... Live and in color LOL. We have added and removed a few things here and have plans on bigger and better things..... ( Full Story )

New Chef Dollars

New Chef Dollars

You may have noticed the new addition of "Chef Dollars". Right now you can earn 5 chef dollars with every recipe. ..... ( Full Story )

In Progress....

In Progress....

There are a couple of features from the old site that we want to bring back, emailing a recipe to a friend is one. Along with..... ( Full Story )

All The News

fafaFoodie News:
Last version available for public purchase.
circa 2005. v5.0

Past, Present, Future…

Today, it really hit me on how long this site has really been around in one form or another and how it has evolved.

I have always loved to cook. I grew up helping in the kitchen along side my mother and grandmother. One day, I was looking over some free cgi programs to download and came across some directory builder that looked interesting. New to programming I thought this would be a fun place to start learning. This is what turned into the very first recipe sharing program that was available to the public. As technology changed, so did our little program. From CGI to PERL to ASP and now to PhP.

For the most part….. fafaFoodies, as a concept, is only a year old. I have run this software under different names over the past 13 years as a hobby. But as time goes on and ideas grow, this has become more than hobby.

Over the past 10+ months I have been dedicating part of my work day working part time at a couple of different “food” related industries. I wanted to learn first hand the “behind the scenes” operations. One was a major grocery chain and the other a top rated (at least one year it was... ) Wine and Cheese Deli. My findings were eye opening to say the least. I will be sharing some of this with our members in the very near future as I focus more on content and less on the function of this site.

With this new site comes new focus, new ideas and new direction. The wheels are in motion and the gears are greased! I will keep producing new and exciting features as often as the fuel tanks allow.